Grieg Lodge Sports, Fitness & Adventure Program:

From earliest recorded Nordic history to the present day, Scandinavians have always celebrated diverse forms of outdoor activity, personal fitness and adventure. We carry on those traditions and add “fun” to the equation.

Open to both members of the lodge and non-members, we offer hikes, runs, bike rides and more for every skill and fitness level. Our goal is to provide group opportunities for enjoyable physical activity on a regular basis. All ages welcome. If there is a particular sport or recreational activity that you don’t see listed here and you’d like to have at Grieg Lodge, let us know!


Bowling fans you’re in luck! Two teams are affiliated with the Lodge: the Striking Vikings and the Good Timers. Bowlers meet on Wednesdays and Thursdays from 9am-noon. Call the lodge for more details and contact information 503-236-3401.

Our annual Nordic vs. Irish Urban Track Bowling Tournament is also a fun and wacky sporting event created and sponsored by Grieg Lodge to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day (cuz the Vikings go way back with the Irish). Nordic Urban Track Bowling was developed in 2008 as an urban adaptation of Irish Road Bowling, which is traditionally played on a 3-mile country road. This urban version, affectionately known as “NUT-Bowling,” is played on a standard track & field, and allows a variety of players to enjoy the challenge of the game inside city limits. It shares many similarities to its Irish cousin, including the cannonball equipment, but puts more emphasis on finesse and strategy than on brute force. As such, women and youth can participate equally with men in the fun and competition. See the Events page for more details.

Also our Youth Program offers rock gym outings and more for young people. Please see the Youth Program page for more details.

Participants in Lodge Sports programs who are Sons of Norway members can earn points toward the “gangmerke” division of the Sports & Fitness Medal Program. For details about this program, see